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How To Apply Self-Adhesive Vinyl

How To Apply Self-Adhesive Vinyl
Self-adhesive vinyl has it all. It looks great, it’s affordable, and it’s easy to apply. Don’t believe us? Follow this step by step guide to applying vinyl and see how easy it really is!

You will need:

Scissors or cutter knives,

Ruler or measuring tape,



Self adhesive vinyl tools

An important tip before we begin:

Once you’ve purchased the vinyl, it’s important that you store it properly. Keep it in a dry, cool environment that is away from direct sunlight. Keep the vinyl propped up, if possible, and keep it in its packaging to avoid contamination or damage. Also, check the equipment you will be using. Are the scissors clean? Are the edges of the squeegee smooth? Make sure that the surface you are applying the vinyl to is free of dust or dirt. If you are applying to wood, ensure that it has a base coat for the vinyl to stick to.

How to apply self-adhesive vinyl:

  1. Using the ruler and pencil, measure and mark the area that you are going to cut. Make sure that you’re marking a perfectly straight line using the ruler; no one likes wonky vinyl! All of our vinyl has a grid arrangement on the back, helping you to cut along the lines. If you want to achieve precise edge terminations, you should always cut an overlap of approximately 4mm. This means that the overlap edges can be removed later with a cutter knife.
  1. To avoid creating bubbles when applying the vinyl sheets, remove only a part of the back paper to position the sheet against a surface. To apply the vinyl fully, use the squeegee to press the sheet against the surface. Start in the centre, and smooth out towards the sides of the sheet to avoid the formation of bubbles.  
Cutting self adhesive vinyl
    1. Hopefully, you have been able to apply the vinyl without any bubbles or crooked sheets. However, if you do experience either of these issues, it isn’t a problem. The vinyl sheets can be easily removed and reapplied as long as it wasn’t applied to paper or cardboard. The vinyl’s full adhesive strength will take effect after several hours, so you have time to remove it if needs be. If bubbles have formed, use a needle to prick the surface and gently press the air out through the small hole.
    1. Apply to all desired surfaces and then step back to appreciate your handiwork, and perhaps celebrate with a much-deserved cup of tea or coffee!
      Cup of tea


      It’s really that simple!

      From single colours to decorative patterns, to window films and 3D wall decor, we offer one of the largest selections of self-adhesive vinyls. Browse our range of products here and see how you can transform your home easily without breaking the bank.

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