Stocking and distributing high quality vinyl products and window films in the UK since 2006

About us

We believe creativity is for everyone; to surprise, tell a story and make the everyday a little less ordinary.

The concept of Vinyl Depot came about in 2003. It began when we wanted to buy good quality, affordable vinyl for interior design but there was little variety in London’s shops. The limitations became more obvious whilst working in the filming industry. We could not source good vinyl to create quick transformations required to design sets. Frustrated by the lack of wide range of vinyl available in shops and restricted by the absence of online retail, we decided to open a company in 2006 that could fill this gap in the market. The aim was obvious: to offer a wide range of decorative vinyl for customers to turn their imagination into reality. At Vinyl Depot we want you to be creative without having to worry about a budget – transformation should be possible no matter how great the vision. 


 Vinyl Depot is a trading name for The Desk (UK) Ltd. Registered in England, Company Registration number 5724460