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Can Self-adhesive vinyl be used on walls?

Can Self-adhesive vinyl be used on walls?

Self-adhesive vinyl is versatile, economical, and a quick solution for those looking to re-decorate their home. We’ve been helping customers make interior transformations since 2003 with our products, and a common query we’ve been faced with is: can it be used on walls?


Our short answer is yes, and no.

To find out why, read on… where we’ll provide you with our expertise and a rundown of what you need to know first before going ahead!


Evaluate the condition of your wall

Although sometimes vinyl can take to some walls without problems arising, it doesn’t come risk-free. A lot depends on the surface condition. If the existing paint is in bad condition, it is peeling, the vinyl will peel off too. Another issue could be dampness.

As vinyl doesn’t allow a wall to breathe, it has the potential to accumulate a build-up of damp or mould, causing the vinyl to lose its longevity and eventually peel away.


Applying the vinyl

When applying vinyl, sometimes you don’t get it right the first time. This is not a problem usually, as our vinyls are repositionable. Peel it back and start again. When applying to a wall however, the vinyl picks up small particles of paint dust and loses its strength. If you have to peel it back a couple of times you have lost that piece of vinyl.


Can it be removed from a wall?

Yes, but as stated above, if the original paint is not in a good condition, the vinyl may peel parts of it off.


Our solutions

If you are really set on using self-adhesive vinyl on your wall, but feel apprehensive, give it a go on a smaller area to test the wall, the vinyl and yourself. Once you feel confident, only the sky (or your ceiling) is the limit.

To ask us a general query relating to a vinyl product that you’ve purchased, or are considering purchasing, get in contact with us here.


What can vinyl be used on risk-free?
Aside from walls, self-adhesive vinyl can be applied safely on just about any other conceivable surface! As long as it’s dry, smooth and not porous in texture.

We’ve had many customers modify their homes by reviving kitchen worktops, tables, cupboards, and cabinets. To explore customer journeys, and find creative inspiration follow us on Instagram.

can vinyl be used on walls

It can even be used to create innovative styles to storage, such as these brightly coloured floating bookshelves. Self-adhesive vinyl allows you to be as playful and creative as you wish, without budget being a limitation, or the requirement of a professional to apply it. 

The bottom line

Every product on the market comes with pros and cons, however at Vinyl Depot, we believe in providing full transparency to our customers, a policy which has built up our strong customer relationships over time.

In conclusion, self-adhesive vinyl is a wonderful material that can still be used for many other creative projects.

If you are looking for some innovative ways to modernise your home, have a read through some creative styles you can try:


Vinyl Depot supply a comprehensive range of self-adhesive vinyl to make your vision come to look. Browse through our range of colours and patterns here or contact us directly here to submit a query!

We look forward to hearing from you!

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