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How To Modernise Your Home Using Vinyl

How To Modernise Your Home Using Vinyl

It’s no surprise that self-adhesive vinyl has become the ‘go-to’ material for those looking to modernise their home.

It’s economical, easy to remove and convenient to install – perfect for anyone on a budget or in rented accommodation to invest in.

If you are looking to embark upon a new DIY project and need ideas on how to modernise your home on a budget, then take a look at our selection of timeless and ‘on trend’ ideas to get you inspired.

  1. Marble Effect Bathroom

Marble Vinyl in Bathroom

Marble is a beautiful pattern that is highly sought after and been long associated with luxury. Once a material that only affluent people could acquire, marble effect alternatives have now made it possible for anyone to achieve this sleek look.

Marble has reinvented itself. As self-care culture continues to grow, more people are replicating the spa-sanctuary feel, making marble a steady and timeless favourite.

Its textured blend of tones is renowned for brightening up any living space and neutralising a room. It also pairs well with hints of gold and other warm earthy tones.

To modernise your bathroom, we have a versatile selection of vinyl marble patterns for you to browse here, which can be used on showers and walls.

  1. Loud Kitchens

Yellow Vinyl on kitchen cabinets

Kitchens are still considered to be the heart of the home and are increasingly multifunctional. If your character is more on the quirky side and you want your kitchen to reflect this, we have a range of brightly coloured vinyl that you can take your pick from here.

Although grey has been popular within the interior design market in the last few years, splashes of vibrant colour are making a comeback.

A colourful centrepiece in the middle of your kitchen will give the room a focal point and make a bold statement. And there’s no need to spend extra money on new furniture. You can revive your existing furniture using self-adhesive vinyl. It sticks to wood (smooth surfaces will work better) and is resistant to wear and tear.

Of course, experimenting with loud colours can feel a daunting and brave move, however the beauty of using vinyl is that it can easily be removed should you change your mind.

  1. Contemporary Country

Contemporary Country Vinyl

You don’t have to flee the City for the country to invite a natural vibe into your home.  ‘Contemporary country’ interior is all about pairing the old with the new, using inspiration from the outdoors whilst also being modern.

Instead of spending huge amounts of money on traditional wooden furniture and fixtures, replicate the look of oak with vinyl to create a living space that feels rustic for a fraction of the price.

Our self-adhesive wood vinyl can be used on shelves, counter tops and cupboards, perfect for any DIY project.

Opting for dark, earthy colour walls will add to the country-feel and pair well with house plants and macrame hanging ornaments. 

The benefits of using vinyl over paint is that it’s reversible, quicker to apply and less prone to UV damage from the sun, making it more durable and sustainable.

  1. Textured Windows

Vinyl Textured Window Film

Minimalism has been a popular preference over the last few years, with neutral colours and smooth surfaces being ‘in’. However, patterns and texture can add character and quirkiness to a room without losing the minimalist feel, ideal for those aiming to create a unique look to their home.

Using patterned window film in your kitchen or living room is a great way to add texture and compliment the rest of the room.  

Self-adhesive vinyl window film can be used to diffuse light and to provide privacy, making it a great alternative to blinds or curtains.  All of our vinyl window films screen out 95% UV radiation, protecting you from the rays of the sun, whilst retaining daylight and modernising your home.

These products are quick to apply, easy to clean and can withstand condensation if you wish to use them in your bathroom.

Explore our range of patterns and textures here.

Are you looking to embark on a new DIY project on a budget? Browse our full range of durable and affordable self-adhesive vinyl products here.

If you have any questions, click here to submit your query. We look forward to hearing from you!

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