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4 Reasons Why You Should Use Self-Adhesive Vinyl Rather Than Paint

4 Reasons Why You Should Use Self-Adhesive Vinyl Rather Than Paint

Whether you’re renovating your home, trying to spruce up your rental property, or you’re decorating an office or shop, there are many reasons why self-adhesive vinyl is better to use than paint.

Self-adhesive vinyl can be changed regularly with little fuss.

Business owners may want to change the design on their walls regularly. For example, many shops will change their interior design style with the seasons. If businesses decorated their walls with paint, imagine how long the process would take! The shop would have to be closed for a number of days, as two or three coats of paint take a significant amount of time to be applied and dry properly. With self-adhesive vinyl, only an hour or so would need to be set aside for application, depending on the surface area, of course. Here at Vinyl Depot, we stock a range of decorative self-adhesive vinyl designs that are perfectly suited to a variety of businesses.

Cutting self adhesive vinyl

Self-adhesive vinyl is rent-friendly.

One of the cons of renting a property is the lack of personalisation that is permitted in rental contracts. Small changes such as wall hangings are allowed as long as the tenant fills the holes before they move out. The majority of landlords do not allow their tenants to paint the walls in their properties, but this doesn’t mean that you can’t personalise your rented home. The beauty of self-adhesive vinyl is that it can be removed from surfaces easily without any damage occurring. To find out more about how to remove self-adhesive vinyl, visit our frequently asked questions page.

Home sweet home doormat

Self-adhesive vinyl is durable.

One of the most significant downsides of paint is that it is easily scuffed and scratched. The best way to avoid this is to use self-adhesive vinyl instead! Not only is self-adhesive vinyl harder to damage, but it can also withstand temperatures from -10 to approximately 50 degrees without problems. If purchasing d-c fix sheets, they can also be cleaned with commercial cleaners or warm water and dish liquid. This is ideal for families, as we all know how messy children can be! No need to worry about children spilling their food and drinks on vinyl-covered surfaces - you can simply wipe it clean without inflicting any damage.

Self adhesive vinyl is durable

Self-adhesive vinyl is affordable.

When it comes to painting, people have a habit of either buying too little or too much of it! Not only is painting time consuming and messy, but it’s also expensive. With Vinyl Depot, you buy your required self-adhesive vinyl by the metre, meaning you only need to purchase what you’ll actually use.

Decorating doesn’t have to be expensive, messy, and time-consuming. With self-adhesive vinyl, you can transform a room in no time and at a low price! If you’re looking to purchase our self-adhesive vinyl, you can browse our coloured options here and our decorative options here. Happy decorating!

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