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Recreate Your Favourite Interior Trends: Blending The Old and The New

Recreate Your Favourite Interior Trends: Blending The Old and The New

One way to create a truly unique home is to blend old and new interior styles. Strictly speaking, this ‘trend’ really isn’t a trend at all. A trend implies that it is a fleeting preference that will be replaced by something new in no time. This is not the case - mixing modern and vintage styles has been a large part of interior design for decades, and it will be for decades to come. So if you’re looking to create space that is both timeless and stylish, we’ve got what you need.

The perfect example: coffee shops

If you’re looking for some interior inspiration, modern coffee shops are the perfect example of how blending new and old styles creates a beautiful space. Many coffee shops tend to utilise wooden furniture and statement brick walls with shelves full of eclectic decor.

Coffee shop using vinyl

If this style appeals to you, you’re probably thinking how can I achieve a similar look for my home?

It’s easier than you think. No need to anticipate big credit card bills for expensive wooden furniture. You don’t need to scrape the plaster off your walls to expose the brick underneath. The solution lies in three words: self-adhesive vinyl.

Mix and match with walls

Another way to effortlessly combine old and new interior styles is to decorate walls in one room with different designs. This works incredibly well if you already have one wall that is different from the rest - perhaps one exposed brick wall and three plain white walls. Even if you don’t have a room with an exposed brick wall, our self-adhesive brick vinyl can give you the appearance of one! To create a multi-dimensional space, apply a coloured self-adhesive vinyl to one wall, and a patterned vinyl to another. To complete the look, decorate the room with a mix of modern and vintage furnishings. The photo below demonstrates how a mixture of old and new interior styles creates an aesthetically pleasing space.

Mix and match walls using vinyl

Window films

It’s not only self-adhesive vinyl that can help you transform your home; window films add a touch of style to your home without a large price tag. A lucky few live in homes that have beautiful period features such as large, gothic windows. Gothic architecture grew in popularity in the nineteenth century, when those building houses were inspired by medieval architecture in Europe. You will find homes with these windows in cities that were built primarily in the Georgian and Victorian eras such as Sheffield, Leeds, Manchester, and areas of London. Gothic architecture offers the perfect opportunity to combine old and new interior styles to create a truly stylish home. As you can see, modern furniture works perfectly alongside the period windows to create a welcoming space that is the best of both worlds. If you want to combine aspects of gothic and modern interior design, our stained glass window films are ideal.

Window film

If you are looking to give your home a makeover, blending old and new interior design features create a home that is both timeless and contemporary. Self-adhesive vinyl can help you achieve this - click here to browse our many vinyl designs and change your home for the better!

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