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How Influential Is Vinyl in Interior Design in 2021?

How Influential Is Vinyl in Interior Design in 2021?

With there being less first-time home buyers and more people on a budget, self-adhesive vinyl has become a popular choice of material for those looking to modify their home.


It’s economical, low commitment and rent-friendly. So, if you want to be on-trend this year, without eating away at your savings, take a look at our forecasted interior trends for 2021 that you can achieve with using vinyl…


1. Biophilic Design

biophilic design

If restrictions have reignited anything positive within us since last year, it’s been our gratitude for the outdoors and our desire to re-connect with nature. This has fuelled a design trend known as ‘Biophilic Design’; involving earthy hues paired with indoor house plants, designed to re-create a grounding atmosphere that the outdoors offers.

Revive your interior with hues of green to create this vibe.

Self-adhesive vinyl can be used on units, dressers, tables, and chairs to transform tired furniture into looking brand new and on-trend.

To browse through our selection of earthy coloured vinyl, click here.


2. Statement furniture

Statement furniture

Colourful accent furniture is another trend of 2021. With the practicality of applying self-adhesive vinyl, there is no need to invest in new dining chairs. This above image shows how loud splashes of colour can create a striking look within a neutral kitchen. Applying vinyl over your existing furniture is a budget friendly and quick solution to achieving the look that you want in your home.
To create an eye-catching focal point to your kitchen, try reviving your kitchen island with a brightly coloured worktop.

We stock a range of colourful gloss vinyl. Check out what we have available here to get inspired.


 3. Japandi


Lastly, ‘Japandi’ is another trend of 2021 that can easily be achieved with using vinyl. Although Scandinavian design has been leading the way in interior design for the last few years, ‘Japandi’ is a hybrid of Scandinavian and Japanese culture, predicted to be an upcoming trend.

Consisting of minimal accents, neutral colours and wood or ceramic features, this trend is all about celebrating the notion minimalism. It works especially well for small spaces that tend to get cluttered, or for those looking for more stillness or balance in their everyday lives.

To invite this aesthetic to your home, we recommend using our ‘Whitewood matt vinyl’, which is ideal for reviving cabinets, shelves, and cupboards. And instead of investing into wooden furniture, you can revive what you already have with our wooden effect self-adhesive vinyl here.


The bottom line

Self-adhesive vinyl is versatile, budget-friendly, and can be removed easily – making it a perfect option for those looking for a low-cost, low-commitment way to achieve all of the above trends.

Are you feeling inspired yet to get decorating? If so, then browse our full selection of self-adhesive vinyl here to get started on your creative journey or contact us here to submit a query.

To discover how others have used self-adhesive vinyl within their home, follow us on Instagram here.

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