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How Can I Decorate My Caravan Using Self-Adhesive Vinyl?

How Can I Decorate My Caravan Using Self-Adhesive Vinyl?

Travelling in a caravan fulfils not only an added sense of adventure and freedom but provides an in-expensive way to see the world. And gone are the days when caravans were associated with being shoddy or down and out. 

With self-adhesive vinyl, you can travel in style, whilst retaining your budget and finding an outlet to explore your creativity. For design inspiration, take a look at our 4 favourite looks…

Luxury Oak Effect

Self Adhesive Wood Vinyl

Using oak-effect vinyl is one way to achieve a ‘luxury cabin in the woods’ vibe.

If you’re a camping enthusiast looking for more of a glamping experience, then this design style is for you. Oak-effect adhesive can be applied to units, shelves, and cupboards to re-create a rustic and close-to-nature vibe, without taking away any of the comfort that you seek on your travels.

Wooden effect self-adhesive vinyl offers the best of both worlds. It provides the same texture and effect as real wood, for just a fraction of the price and is durable and water resistant.  

It’s also extremely versatile, as its earthy hue and texture pairs well with just about any colour.  

We recommend using our ‘oak Japanese self-adhesive vinyl’ but if you’re looking for other shades, have a browse through our full selection here.


Self Adhesive Marble Vinyl

If you are looking for a sleek, stylish, and modern feel to your caravan, then try enhancing the interior with marble effect features. Marble has always been a steady favourite within the home, and with the practicality and ease of applying self-adhesive vinyl, there is no excuse to not replicate the look within your caravan too.  

Marble can be used in any room, but one of our favourite looks is a marble effect kitchen.  

Using this vinyl on your kitchen worktops and table will create a clean and minimal aesthetic.

The light translucent colour that marble offers will also make a room appear bigger and accentuate natural light — making it an ideal choice for your caravan interior.

We stock a variety of stone marble-effect vinyl, that you can browse through here.

Please note: Our self-adhesive vinyl cannot be used on flooring or walls.

Decorative Vintage

Decorative Vintage Self Adhesive Vinyl

For many, owning a classic caravan is a way to explore the notion of life in the 60s, celebrating happiness and simplicity, without the logistics of modern-day travel… and what better way to convey a joyful feeling than opting for retro-inspired pattern features?

Our ‘polka dot’ self-adhesive vinyl is ideal for adding splashes of vintage-inspired characteristics to your caravan interior.

If you’re a lover of bright colours, but you don’t want to go all out with the retro/vintage look, then have a browse through our range of colourful gloss vinyl here, to add some quirk and character to your interior.


Matt Green Self Adhesive Vinyl

Lastly, if you are seeking a Zen experience through your travels, then decorating your caravan green can improve your mindfulness and state of being. 

It’s been long proven by science that green has the most calming effect of all colours on the human brain — making it a popular choice of colour for interior.

Earthy colours pair well with indoor plants — a design trend known as ‘Biophilic design’. This not only offers a contemporary and unique look but is a way to improve air quality within your caravan.

If you’re feeling inspired by this trend, check out our ‘matt green shamrock’ vinyl here.


Why choose self-adhesive vinyl and not paint?

Unlike paint, the beauty of self-adhesive vinyl is that it can be applied easily, even by those with minimal DIY experience. It withstands condensation and can be cleaned easily, making is especially practical for caravan interiors.

It’s also removable, making it a great alternative to paint for those looking for a low-commitment project.

Can it be applied to any surface?

Self-adhesive vinyl can be applied to any hard furnishings. However, porous textures won’t bond to it as well, so always make sure the area in which you are applying it too is smooth.

How does it work?

Self-adhesive vinyl comes with a sticky backing, that is peeled away before being applied to the surface area. All of our vinyl is practical to apply and doesn’t stick to itself.

Why not browse our full range of decorative vinyl here? We welcome all questions and queries, so click here to get in contact with us!

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