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Recreate Your Favourite Interior Trends: Vibrant Bathrooms

Recreate Your Favourite Interior Trends: Vibrant Bathrooms

When it comes to redecorating your home, you probably think of the living room or kitchen first. They are, after all, the places we spend the most time when at home. But don’t forget your bathroom! Bathrooms are often neglected when it comes to redecorating. However, in recent years, beautiful bathrooms have been getting some serious attention in interior design magazines and on social media.

Vibrant bathrooms are an emerging trend. People are coming to realise that a good looking bathroom is important. One reason why they are usually last in line for redecoration is because they are perceived as expensive to spruce up, but this just isn’t true. For very little money, you can revitalise your bathroom in a way that makes it unrecognisable. The way you can achieve that: self-adhesive vinyl!

Vibrant Blue Bathroom Using Vinyl


You might not be convinced just yet. You might be thinking ‘why should I decorate my bathroom? Why not another room in my house?’ Here’s why...

It’ll make your house feel more like home

We don’t know about you, but we think that a newly decorated home is a happy home. There is something very satisfying about walking into a room that has been transformed; it makes you feel like you have moved into a new house! 

While retiling and installing a new sink or toilet is expensive, it isn’t necessary to redecorate, unless they are damaged, of course. By using easy to apply vinyl, you can refresh your bathroom quickly and inexpensively.


Vibrant Pink Bathroom Using Vinyl

A bathroom decorated with vibrant colours will make it look bigger

Many homes have small bathrooms, which can feel uncomfortable to spend a significant amount of time in. However, adding a splash of colour to the walls will make the room feel significantly bigger. Bright colours freshen up a bathroom, especially if the room does not receive much natural light. Many choose to paint their bathrooms blue because it has a calming effect, and will make your bathroom feel serene. 

We do recommend that you balance bright walls with neutral home decor. Too much colour may make the room feel overwhelming. You can browse our expansive range of vinyl on our website; we stock a wide range of different colours of patterns, meaning you are bound to find the right one to suit your bathroom.

Using vinyl in the bathroom

Add a pop of colour to your bathroom surfaces to make the room more eye-catching

If you like the idea of white bathroom walls to maximise natural light, but want your bathroom to feel welcoming and visually appealing, add colour to bathroom surfaces. Apply self-adhesive vinyl to a range of surfaces, such as wood or plastic, to brighten up the room. You can even use vinyl around the edges of your bathtub if you want to!

Revitalise your home on a budget

Redecorating your home doesn’t have to be expensive, time-consuming and messy. By applying self-adhesive vinyl to walls, surfaces, and windows, you can revitalise your home and make it unrecognisable in the best possible way. Click here to browse our range of self-adhesive vinyl to get started!

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