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Recreate Your Favourite Interior Trends: The Statement Wall

Recreate Your Favourite Interior Trends: The Statement Wall

Interior trends change from year to year, and sometimes it can be hard to keep up with what is currently in fashion. In 2018 and 2019, minimalism dominated as the slow living movement grew in popularity and advocated for simplicity in life. Walls decorated with funky patterns were replaced with white, empty walls as the focus shifted more towards distinctive furniture. The industrial trend in particular favoured modern, unique furniture and plain, white walls.

Statement walls using vinyl

If you like the extravagance and uniqueness of statement walls, then you will be pleased to know that in 2020 this trend is seeing a resurgence. One of our favourite things about statement walls is that they add real character to a home without costing a fortune.

Grand millennial style

‘Grand millennial’ is probably a term that is new to you, but it is certainly one to learn, as it is the next big thing for 2020. This trend sees the reintroduction of tasselled lamps, bright colours, mixed patterns, scalloped furniture and macrame wall hangings - it is the definition of eclectic.

Bright coloured cushions

Plain walls are now being replaced with bright block colours or unique patterns to create a truly personalised home that oozes character. The grand millennial trend is all about mixing and matching a variety of patterns and textures. Floral patterns are becoming increasingly popular. The good news is you can make your floral wall dreams come true with Vinyl Depot. We stock a range of floral self-adhesive vinyl designs, enabling you to find the perfect match for your home.

The popularity of pink

2018 and 2019 interior design trends centred around neutral colours and neutral home decor that embraced simplicity and slow living. 2020 is the complete opposite; colours are back ‘in’. Colour won’t just be confined to walls, either. There will be a big emphasis on brightly coloured sofas, rugs, curtains, cabinets, and tables. Pink is particularly popular with millennials, especially soft, peach pinks. The statement wall will live on in 2020 as more people choose to embrace more colour in their homes.

If you are partial to the pink trend, Vinyl Depot sells easy to apply self-adhesive vinyl that can be removed or repositioned, giving you the freedom to experiment with the latest trends without spending time painting. Our vinyl can be used on furniture as well as walls, so if you aren’t quite ready for pink walls, how about a pink tabletop instead? Or perhaps some pink shelves? The possibilities are endless with self-adhesive vinyl.

Rustic wooden walls are making a comeback

Rustic style, which embraces the beauty of nature and warm tones, has been popular in the last few years. With Vinyl Depot, you can make your living room feel like a cosy lodge with our wood pattern self-adhesive vinyl. Apply our vinyl to one statement wall in the house to create an effortless rustic feel. Our self-adhesive vinyl would enable you to embrace rustic interior style without the log cabin or the excessive cost of real wood!


With Vinyl Depot, you can create the statement wall of your dreams easily and affordably. Click here to browse our full range of self-adhesive vinyl today to make your home feel more like ‘you’.

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