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4 Creative Ways to Use Self-Adhesive Vinyl

4 Creative Ways to Use Self-Adhesive Vinyl

Self-adhesive vinyl has a multitude of uses and benefits for home decorating. It’s cost effective, durable, easy to apply, removable and extremely versatile. Here are four creative ways to use vinyl for your next DIY project...

Bright Offices

bright offices vinyl


As flexibility between the home and office appears to be the future, paired with the on-going battle of WFH fatigue, there has never been a better time to give your home-office a re-vamp. Colour psychology has been increasingly credited in both marketing and the workplace. Colour influences how we interpret our surroundings, which in turn affects our mood, behaviour, and actions.

If you are looking to boost your work-morale, then opt for orange walls! It is the colour believed to increase productivity levels, promote positivity, and boost general enthusiasm for life.

To browse our range of colourful vinyl, click here.


Hard Furnishings

If you feel it’s time to change your tired furniture, but your budget won’t allow it, then self-adhesive vinyl is your answer.

Changing the appearance of a few small fixtures such as your bookcase and coffee table can completely transform and refresh your room.

Whatever your style, our different self-adhesive vinyl patterns and textures will have you covered. If you are looking for some design inspiration before you start browsing, visit here!

hard furnishing vinyl

We love this modern, Cuban inspired décor, depicting a floating storage unit that has been up-cycled with vinyl and placed with colourful, geometric artwork.

Please note: Self-adhesive vinyl cannot be used on soft furnishings such as sofas!

Vinyl Wall Art

vinyl wall art

Much like colour; the words we read or listen to each day have an impact on how we go about our everyday lives. If you’re not looking to change the style of your home drastically, but you want a light boost of positivity and change to your interior, then why not decorate your walls with some positive affirming typography?

Wall art creates a homely and uplifting vibe to your home. This is ideal for those who enjoy activities that immerse them in their surroundings, such as yoga and meditation.

We have a range of wall art for you to be inspired by here. To create your own typography, click here for our individual self-adhesive letters.

Crafty Ornaments

If you have spare vinyl left over from your projects, it doesn’t have to go to waste! Self-adhesive vinyl isn’t limited to walls or furniture. It will stick to just about any hard and smooth surface, making it perfect for craft projects.

Many homeware stores only stock whatever is trending or seasonal, which can make it difficult to find anything unique or outside-the-box which compliments your room, however with our self-adhesive vinyl, you can create whatever your imagination conjures.

crafty ornaments vinyl

Host your afternoon tea in style by applying brightly coloured paint-effect vinyl to your old trays. It can also be applied to coasters, placements and serving boards.

Colourful plant pots also make a bold statement. As indoor plants have soared in popularity, decorative pots are also becoming a growing niche. If you can’t find the style or colour pot you are looking for, then why not use the pots you already have and decorate them using self-adhesive vinyl?

Vivid block colours such as yellows and oranges ,paired against neutral grey walls make a striking combination. The benefits of using vinyl over paint is that its waterproof, opaque, and resistant to fading from sun damage.


crafty ornaments plant pot vinyl

Our range of self-adhesive vinyl enables you to fulfil your creative buzz without a budget getting in your way. Embark upon your DIY venture and start browsing here.

If you have a question or query, click here to contact us.  We look forward to hearing from you!

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