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How To Revive Old Furniture Using Vinyl

How To Revive Old Furniture Using Vinyl

When it comes to revamping your home, the first thought that likely springs to mind is either a large budget or the help of a design professional. Thankfully, with self-adhesive vinyl, you can achieve remarkable results within budget, by up-cycling what you already have. 

To discover how to revive your old and tired furniture back to life and the benefits of doing so, read on…


The process

The process of applying self-adhesive vinyl is straight forward, even for those with no DIY experience! Vinyl can be used on any hard furnishings - including cupboards, shelves, counters, tables, and chairs. It sticks well to smooth surfaces.

Here are four easy steps to applying self-adhesive vinyl to a table:

You will need: scissors, a pencil, squeegee blade, a measuring tape.

Step 1 – Clean and dust your surface area. Vinyl is most durable when stuck to a clean dust-free surface. You can use a damp cloth for this.

Step 2 – Lay the vinyl down on the table, marking with a pencil the edges and corners that you need to line it up to. Use a measuring tape for a more precise marking.

Step 3 – Slowly peel away the backing of the film, applying the sticky side to the surface as you go. Start from one end of the table to the other. You want to make sure that you don’t create an uneven texture by trapping air bubbles in, so use a squeegee blade to smoothen these out.

Step 4 – Lastly, cut the excess material away. If you need to tuck around the corner, it’s better to do that first and cut the excess after.

If on reflection you decide your new look does not match up to how you envisioned, then don’t panic! Self-adhesive vinyl can be easily removed.


Styles you can achieve.

The beauty of vinyl is that it can replicate all your favourite aesthetics. Whether you’re inspired by a minimalist wooden look, patterned vintage, or shabby chic, our range of self-adhesive vinyl come in an array of different styles and colours to bring your vision to life. Click here to check out what we offer!

One of our favourites is Nordic influenced interior. Characterised by wooden effect furnishings paired with minimal accents of colour and neutral walls, Scandinavian design has undoubtably made its mark on the interior design scene.

Instead of writing off your old tables and units, why not re-create this look by up-cycling them with our variety of wood effect adhesive?

From oak and beige, to sandalwood, we stock a variety of wooden effect self-adhesive vinyl here.

Reviving Old Furniture Using Vinyl

Reviving Old Furniture Yellow Vinyl

Country house by the beach is another look that can be achieved with vinyl. The contrast of blue hues and off-whites invite a warm and coastal look to the home.

Our “Rio Ocean” vinyl is perfect for this – with its washed-out paint on wood effect.

Check it out here.

Using Self Adhesive Vinyl In The Kitchen

You will also be helping the environment.

A statistic from ( revealed that 22 million pieces of furniture are discarded each year in the UK – the majority of which ends up in landfills. This is often driven by budget stores, who turn over huge amounts of furniture due to the high demand of changing styles and trends.

However, with self-adhesive vinyl, you can replicate all of your favourite looks without buying new furniture. Whichever pattern, texture, or colour you have in mind, we have you covered!

Please note: Self-adhesive vinyl can only be used on hard furnishings.

Are you ready to transform your home? Have a browse through all our self-adhesive vinyl products here.

We are happy to answer any questions or queries, so get in contact with us here!

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