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Creative Ways To Decorate Your Kitchen Using Self-Adhesive Vinyl

Creative Ways To Decorate Your Kitchen Using Self-Adhesive Vinyl

As hub of the home, kitchens deserve love and attention… But re-modifying a kitchen often requires a large budget, and is an unviable option to those renting.
However, the low expense of self-adhesive vinyl, paired with the fact that it’s removable, means that there is never an excuse for a dull kitchen!

Here are some quirky ideas that can be pulled off with our range of self-adhesive vinyl…

Colourful Storage

colourful storage using self-adhesive vinyl

Liven up your storage with some colour! Storage is often seen as a necessity that many choose to have hidden away, however decorating it with brightly coloured vinyl can bring it to life, welcoming your storage space to not only be part of the room, but a unique focal point to it.

We love this brightly coloured storage unit, which creates a vibrant and lively atmosphere. To browse through our selection of colourful gloss vinyl, click here.

Sleek Marble

Self adhesive vinyl on kitchen worktop


If loud colours aren’t your style and you’re seeking a more neutral aesthetic, then stone marble-effect vinyl offers the same sophistication and class as real marble – for just a fraction of the price.

If you want to change up your kitchen worktops with this look, we have you covered. Explore our versatile range of marble-effect vinyl here.

One of our customers upgraded their worktops with our ‘Marmi Grey Self-Adhesive Vinyl’ (see above image), which pairs beautifully with the rest of their interior.

Marble-effect pattern is perfect for accentuating natural light in a room and off-setting other colours.

Textured Window Film

Textured Window Film

Generally speaking, curtains are impractical for kitchens, and blinds can run the risk of looking dated and out of style. If you’re seeking a contemporary and modern look to your kitchen, then vinyl window-film not only adds an element of style, but provides the same day and night privacy as blinds, without blocking natural light from seeping in.

To incorporate more texture or pattern to your kitchen, whilst attaining the above benefits, then have a browse through our range of our static and self-adhesive vinyl window film here.

Wooden-Effect Vinyl

Wooden Effect Vinyl Kitchen

Vinyl is especially realistic at replicating wood, which is always a statement look in a kitchen.

Earthy colours are great at balancing out neutral shades such as grey, beige, and white, and the grain in wood adds texture and character to dull looking surfaces. Invite a natural essence to your kitchen and revamp your cupboards or table with our selection of vinyl here.

To achieve a similar shade to the table shown in the image above, we recommend using our ‘Oak Japanese vinyl’

Decorative Utensils and Condiments

Kitchen Accessories

Lastly, when decorating a kitchen, the smaller details often go unnoticed! Yet, sometimes making the smallest changes can be the most effective at transforming the room.

Self-adhesive vinyl can be used to revive table accessories such as placemats, serving trays, coasters and even salt and pepper shakers.

Instead of purchasing new utensils, you can stick to your budget further by reviving what you already have. Adding small dashes of vibrant colour throughout your kitchen can bring it to life. One of our favourite projects is to use old plastic trays or placemats and up-cycle them with wooden-effect vinyl.

In addition to this, we stock a selection of vinyl table accessories which you can explore here.

Why Choose Vinyl For my Kitchen?

There are so many perks to using self-adhesive vinyl in a kitchen…

One of the factors that make it such as popular choice of material is its durability and humidity-proof finish – making it a practical solution for kitchens with poor ventilation for steam to escape, without compromising on design or style.

Unlike painting , which requires a certain level of skill to master, self-adhesive vinyl is quick and easy to apply, and comes in a range of pre-set patterns and textures.
And if you do happen to change your mind on your kitchen interior, self-adhesive vinyl can be removed fuss-free.

Are you ready to transform your kitchen? Click here to view our range of self-adhesive vinyl to get started on your creative journey.

Vinyl Depot stock a large variety of styles and colours, providing cost-effective solutions to interior DIY enthusiasts, letting no budget get in the way of a creative vision.

To contact us with a query or question, click here. We look forward to hearing from you!

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